Plenary 6: Climate and Extreme Weather

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 - 5:10pm to 6:40pm
Plenary Speakers

Michael Méndez

Assistant Professor
University of California - Irvine

Tainted Grapes, Tainted Lungs: Extreme Wildfire Impacts to Undocumented Latina/o and Indigenous Migrants 

Juan Declet-Barreto

Senior Social Scientist for Climate Vulnerability
Union of Cncerned Scientists

Inequitable Burdens of Heat-related Illness and Death under a Changing Climate

Eric Tate

Associate Professor
University of Iowa

The Inequitable Landscape of Flood Vulnerability

Sikina Jinnah

Associate Professor
University of California -  Santa Cruz

Solar Geoengineering Politics and Justice


Fransha Dace

PhD Student
School of the Environment, Yale University