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Peter A. Raymond

Professor, School of the Environment, Yale University

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Workshop 5: Navigating Academia: Publish, Perish, ThriveWed 3/30 12:05pm EDT

Tony Reames

Senior Advisor, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, U.S. Department of Energy; Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - School of the Environment and Sustainability

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Plenary 10: Energy Justice Thu 3/31 3:00pm EDT

Lovinia Reynolds

Masters Student, School of the Environment, Yale University


Lovinia is a Masters of Environmental Management candidate at YSE focusing on Energy and Environment who is passionate about equitable and just transition to a regenerative energy system. Prior to studying at Yale she studied tropical biogeochemistry at Brown and focused on environmental justice issues at the Environmental Law Institute. At JEDSI she worked on the New Horizons Conference and contributes to research on food access in Providence, RI. When she is not studying and reading about energy justice, she enjoy spending time with her friends and family, hiking, and going to the beach. 

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Plenary 12: People of Color - Energy Production and FinancingThu 3/31 3:00pm EDT

Nick Richardson

President, Vermont Land Trust

Nick is the President & CEO at the Vermont Land Trust, a role he has held since 2017. Nick previously served as VLT’s Vice President for Enterprise and Finance, where he led the organization’s capital recruitment and strategic finance projects, including the launch of a $10 million revolving land acquisition fund.  Before joining VLT, Nick worked in program development at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), a social enterprise energy services firm, and led capital recruitment and strategy at Encore Renewable Energy, a renewable energy project development firm. Nick received his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in 2008. Nick is the Chair of the Board at VEIC and serves on various other boards. Nick and his family enjoy everything Vermont and it’s outdoors have to offer, no matter the season.

Ashley Richardson

Director of Human Resources and Culture Clean Water Action

With over 12 years ago Ashley Richardson discovered the passion that allowed her to use her undergraduate and graduate degree from Central Michigan University in Human Resources Management.

Starting her leadership in post-secondary education molded her into an analytical, assertive, results-driven, and student success-focused leader. She now possesses over 9 years of leadership and management experience. Her passion is advocacy for oneself while navigating both personal and professional endeavors. 

Assisting professionals whose main focus is the change the world through sustainability and environmental-related careers often leave her speechless. Taking that love for sustainability to an environmental-based Nonprofit created even more opportunities to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the industry. 

Many ask her how has she has done it so long? It is because supporting the success of others drives her passion She believes in creating leaders and providing mentorship to those that need that ‘extra’ push. She is known for having a knack for creating and delivering career-focused presentations, creating policies and procedures, and using data analytics to drive future success.

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Workshop 1: Salary Negotiations and Competing Jobs OffersWed 3/30 12:05pm EDT
New Horizons 2021 Agenda
Workshop 2: Salary Negotiations and Competing Job OffersMon 4/19 2:40pm EDT

Phil Rigdon

Department of Natural Resources Deputy Director, Yakama Nation

Frances Roberts-Gregory

Feminist Political Ecologist, Environmental Consultant  Climate Justice Program Officer, Foundation for Louisiana


Dr. Frances Roberts-Gregory is a feminist political ecologist, ecowomanist ethnographer, and environmental consultant. Dr. Roberts-Gregory earned a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Spelman College; she later completed a Future Faculty Fellowship at Northeastern University and earned a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, & Management from UC Berkeley. From 2019-2021, Dr. Roberts-Gregory taught courses on gender, environmental justice, digital activism, and sustainable development at Tulane University, Bard Early College New Orleans, and the University for Peace in Costa Rica. Dr. Roberts-Gregory has also spoken at UNFCCC COP25 and COP26 press conferences and formerly consulted for the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and the City of New Orleans and C40 Women4Climate Mentorship Program. In addition, Dr. Roberts-Gregory has been interviewed by PBS Newshour, Ms. Magazine, the Ocean Conservancy, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, and many others. She currently serves as a co-founding member of the Feminist Agenda for a Green New Deal and as an advisory board co-chair for the HIVE Fund for Climate & Gender Justice. Finally, Dr. Roberts-Gregory will soon start a new role as a Climate Justice Program Officer for the Foundation for Louisiana. Reach Dr. Roberts-Gregory @BlackngreenPhD or via her website   

Kristina Rodriguez

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Workshop 1: Salary Negotiations and Competing Jobs OffersWed 3/30 12:05pm EDT

Sally Ross

I’m currently pursuing a doctorate in Environment and Natural Resources in the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) at Ohio State University. I specialize in Environmental Social Science where I engage with issues like environmental justice and racism through my research.

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Workshop 4: The Elevator Pitch - Having an Effective OneWed 3/30 12:05pm EDT

Robin Saha

Professor University of Montana


Dr. Saha is the Director of the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Montana (UM) and a faculty member of UM’s Climate Change Studies Program. He teaches courses on environmental policy, climate change, environmental justice, and community sustainability. He is co-author of Toxic Wastes and Race and Twenty, a follow-up to a landmark report Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States, which helped launch the EJ movement. He is nationally-recognized for his community-engaged teaching, research and service, including using community-based participatory research and collaborating with tribes and rural communities in Montana on toxic contamination and climate justice/resilience issues. He also provides EJ analysis technical support for environmental justice advocacy organizations, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and tribes in the U.S, including for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Plenary 9: Environmental Justice - Trends in Research and AdvocacyThu 3/31 12:35pm EDT