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2021 Conference
Clone of New Horizons 2021 Agenda
New Horizons 2021 Agenda
Welcome, Orientation, and Opening Address
Video: Diversity Pathways and Emerging Conservationists of Color
Welcome from the Dean of the Yale School of the Environment
Plenary 1: Climate Justice: Current and Future Challenges
Environment and Community Mobilization: The Case of an Upcoming Alabama Election
Graduate Student and Young Professional Poster Session -- Refereed
Video: Diversity Pathways and Emerging Young Professionals of Color in the Conservation Sector
Plenary 2: Environmental Justice -- Research, Policy, and Community Mobilization
Workshop 1: Effective Job Interviewing Techniques
Workshop 2: Salary Negotiations and Competing Job Offers
Workshop 3: Understanding the Grantmaking Process: How Do Foundations Make Grants and What Do They Look For?
Workshop 4: Policymaking and Political Action
Workshop 5: Writing Graduate School Essays and Navigating the Graduate School Application Process
Workshop 6: Community Engagement, Advocacy, and Organizing
Workshop 7: Film and Water Justice: Spotlight on Flint, Michigan
Plenary 3: Racial Discourses, Injustices, Equity, and Engagement in Conservation Organizations
Plenary 4: Nature, the Outdoors, Connectedness, Diversity, and Inclusion: International Dimensions
Undergraduate Poster Session - Refereed
Plenary 5: Food, Energy, and Sustainability
Plenary 6: Pollution, Health, and Justice
Plenary 7: Environmental Grantmaking Foundations: Responding to the Pandemic; an Election; and Facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Video: Young, Gifted and Brown: The New Face of Innovators in the Conservation Sector
Video: Young, Gifted and Brown: The New Face of Conservation Leadership
Plenary 8: Policy, Law, and Thinking Critically about the Nexus of Environmental Justice, Conservation, and Sustainability
New Horizons 2021 Sponsors
2022 Conference
New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Welcome, Orientation, and Opening Address
Networking Rooms
Plenary 10: Energy Justice
Plenary 11: Environmental Quality, Oversight, and Resource Protection
Plenary 12: People of Color - Energy Production and Financing
Plenary 12: Production and Resource Protection
Plenary 1: Contemporary Media and Coverage of Environment, Equity, and Justice Issues
Plenary 2: The Land - Sovereignty, Ownership, Reparations, and Conservation
Plenary 3: Climate Justice: Vulnerabilities, Transitions, and Resilience
Plenary 4: Women Leaders in Conservation Organizations
Plenary 5: Diversity in the Environmental Sector
Plenary 6: Climate and Extreme Weather
Plenary 7: Just Transitions and Just Sustainabilities
Plenary 8: Food, Agriculture, Land Conflicts, Justice
Plenary 9: Environmental Justice - Trends in Research and Advocacy
Poster Awards and Closing Address
Workshop 1: Salary Negotiations and Competing Jobs Offers
Workshop 2: Senior Staff Positions - What to Look for and How to Obtain and Retain Them
Workshop 3: How to Start a Business or Consulting Company
Workshop 4: The Elevator Pitch - Having an Effective One
Workshop 5: Navigating Academia: Publish, Perish, Thrive
Workshop 7: Career Transitions: When Do You Quit One Job and Look for Another
Workshop 8: Writing Graduate School Essays and Navigating the Graduate School Application Process
Workshop 9: Navigating the Academic Job Market: Interviews, Job Offers, and Negotiations