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New Horizons 2022 Agenda
Welcome, Orientation, and Opening Address
Networking Rooms
Plenary 10: Energy Justice
Plenary 11: Environmental Quality, Oversight, and Resource Protection
Plenary 12: People of Color - Energy Production and Financing
Plenary 12: Production and Resource Protection
Plenary 1: Contemporary Media and Coverage of Environment, Equity, and Justice Issues
Plenary 2: The Land - Sovereignty, Ownership, Reparations, and Conservation
Plenary 3: Climate Justice: Vulnerabilities, Transitions, and Resilience
Plenary 4: Women Leaders in Conservation Organizations
Plenary 5: Diversity in the Environmental Sector
Plenary 6: Climate and Extreme Weather
Plenary 7: Just Transitions and Just Sustainabilities
Plenary 8: Food, Agriculture, Land Conflicts, Justice
Plenary 9: Environmental Justice - Trends in Research and Advocacy
Poster Awards and Closing Address
Workshop 1: Salary Negotiations and Competing Jobs Offers
Workshop 2: Senior Staff Positions - What to Look for and How to Obtain and Retain Them
Workshop 3: How to Start a Business or Consulting Company
Workshop 4: The Elevator Pitch - Having an Effective One
Workshop 5: Navigating Academia: Publish, Perish, Thrive
Workshop 7: Career Transitions: When Do You Quit One Job and Look for Another
Workshop 8: Writing Graduate School Essays and Navigating the Graduate School Application Process
Workshop 9: Navigating the Academic Job Market: Interviews, Job Offers, and Negotiations