Vernice Miller-Travis

Vernice Miller-Travis

Executive Vice President, Metropolitan Group

Vernice is one of the nation’s pioneering and most respected thought leaders on environmental justice and the interplay of civil rights and environmental policy.

Vernice has vast experience as a civil rights and environmental policy analyst and advocate; consultant for federal and state agencies, foundations and nonprofits; environmental program manager and foundation program officer. She was a contributing author to the landmark report “Toxic Waste and Race in the United States.” This inspired her to go on to help build a social movement that is rooted at the intersection of race, environment, economics, social justice and public health. The Sierra Club recently awarded Vernice the Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award.

Her key areas of expertise include:

  • Community and public engagement in policy and decision-making
  • Organizational capacity building and leadership development
  • Environmental conflict mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Partnership building among public agencies and communities
  • Community-based planning, revitalization and sustainable redevelopment initiatives
  • Navigation of longstanding racial, cultural and economic conflicts
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Clean air, water and hazardous waste regulatory systems 
  • Environmental and urban planning, green space design and development