2022 New Horizons Conference

The conference had 824 attendees from 25 countries and 259 cities. The conference featured 12 panel presentations, 12 workshops, networking sessions, student poster presentations, and keynote speeches.

Thank you for attending! We were pleased to welcome many fantastic speakers for this year’s conference, including:

  • Dr. Dorceta E. Taylor

    Professor, School of the Environment, Yale University
    Headshot of Dr. Dorceta E. Taylor
  • Charisma Acey

    Assistant Professor - University of California - Berkeley
    Charisma Acey Headshot
  • Margie Alt

    Campaign Director - Climate Action Campaign
    Margie Alt
  • Shalanda Baker

    Senior Advisor - Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, U.S. Department of Energy
    Shalander Baker Headshot
  • Gary Barrett

    Senior Advisor - U.S. Forest Service
    Gary Barrett
  • Frances Beinecke

    President Emerita - Natural Resources Defense Council
    Francis Beinecke Headshot
  • Bilal Butt

    Associate Professor, University of Michigan - School of the Environment and Sustainability
    Bilal Butt Headshot
  • Mijin Cha

    Assistant Professor - Occidental College
    Mijin Cha Heashot
  • Danielle Deane

    Director of Equitable Climate Solutions - Bezos Earth Fund
    Danielle Deane Headshot
  • Juan Declet-Barreto

    Senior Social Scientist for Climate Vulnerability - Union of Concerned Scientists
    Juan Declet-Barreto Headshot
  • Michael Dorsey

    Partner and Co-Founder - IberSun & IberSun, North America
    Michael Dorsey Headshot
  • Sikina Jinnah

    Associate Professor University of California - Santa Cruz
    Sikina Jinnah Headshot
  • Shumaisa Khan

    UrbanA Fellow - European Commission UrbanA Project
    Shumaisa Khan Headshot
  • Brenda Mallory

    Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality - Office of the White House
    Brenda Mallory Headshot
  • Sparkle Malone

    Assistant Professor - Florida International University
    Sparkle Malone Headshot
  • Beth Rose Middleton Manning

    Professor, University of California - Davis
    Beth Rose Middleton Manning
  • Ahmina Maxey

    Operations Director - Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition
    Ahmina Maxey Headshot
  • Michael Méndez

    Assistant Professor - University of California - Irvine
    Michael Méndez Headshot
  • Regan Patterson

    Research Fellow - Congressional Black Caucus
    Regan Patterson Headshot
  • David Pellow

    Professor, Environmental Studies - University of California at Santa Barbara
    David Pellow Headshot
  • Leah Penniman

    Founding Co-Director - Soul Fire Farm
    Leah Penniman Headshot
  • Keston Perry

    Assistant Professor - Williams College
    They/Them/Theirs, He/Him/His
    Keston Perry Headshot
  • Tony Reames

    Senior Advisor, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, U.S. Department of Energy; Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - School of the Environment and Sustainability
    Tony Reames Profile
  • Phil Rigdon

    Department of Natural Resources Deputy Director, Yakama Nation
    Phil Rigdon Headshot
  • Robin Saha

    Professor - University of Montana
    Robin Saha Headshot
  • Cyndi Suarez

    President and Editor in Chief - Nonprofit Quarterly
    Cyndi Suarez Headshot
  • Eric Tate

    Associate Professor - University of Iowa
    Eric Tate Headshot
  • Tamara Toles O'Laughlin

    Chief Executive Officer and President Environmental - Grantmakers Association
    Tamara Toles O'Laughlin Headshot
  • Aradhna Tripati

    Professor - University of California at Los Angeles
    She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs
    Aradhna Tripati Headshot
  • Ebony Twilley Martin

    Co-Executive Director - Greenpeace
    Ebony Martin Headshot

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